Hang in There!!!

In the last couple of weeks, we have finished the construction on the space and received (and passed!) all of the necessary inspections. We are currently waiting on some paperwork to go through the Bronxville Building Department so that we may receive our official Certificate of Occupancy.  We need this certificate to go to the NY State Liquor Authority so that our licensing can be finalized.  Once the license is finalized, we can start ordering beer and stocking our shelves!  This sounds like it may take a long time, but rest assured that once we receive our Certificate of Occupancy from Bronxville, the rest of the process is only a matter of days.  In order to get our store open as soon as possible, Brendan and I have been hard at work crossing all other 'Ts' and dotting all remaining 'Is'.  We have been building and curating our starting initial orders from the beer distributors and running tests on our POS so that we're ready to rock once the State Liquor Authority issues our permanent license.

We are waiting for the building department process our paperwork so we do not yet have a hard date on when we will open.  But we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel so stick with us.  Keep checking up  on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for all of our updates.  We'll see you soon!

Doug & Brendan