Sour'd in September REview

Well it's been a full week, and I'm just beginning to get my stomach lining back after the delicious melee that was Sour'd in September.  First, I'd like to congratulate the folks at Captain Lawrence for putting on a very well organized and run event.  The space behind the brewery was the perfect size, there were just the right amount of people in attendance, and the beer was flowing freely.  I believe the only casualty of the day was the roll of TUMS in my pocket that sacrificed itself to my digestive tract, so that I was able to charge forward with my tastings.

Along with the incredible assortment of beer and brewers, great food and music was presented to the festival guests as well.  The smell of pulled pork, hot dogs, and braciole wafted through the air, colliding with the sweet scent cigars and beer.  Upon arrival, we entered through the gate, receiving custom printed tasting glasses, and made a bee line to the Captain Lawrence tent, to see what the host had brought us.  At the table, I tasted what would be my favorite sour peach beer of the day, Flaming Fury Batch 2.  From there, we made our rounds, being impressed by Sloop Brewing's Sauer Peach, Plan Bee (of course), Peekskill, and Weyerbacher's Session Sour.  For any coffee drinkers out there, Newburgh's C.A.F.E. Sour was like any great dark roast you've had.  Dark cocoa, tart berries, earth, and rich roast.

All in all, a wonderful festival and ode to our beloved sour beers.  Highly recommended to everyone who enjoys a good lip-smacking.  Check out Captain Lawrence's website for details on the brewery and other tasty events: