A Pint in a Paragraph: Installment #3: New England Brewing Company - Sea Hag IPA

Sea Hag IPA - New England Brewing Company Woodbridge, CT

 Beautiful beer on an ugly window sill.

Beautiful beer on an ugly window sill.

(Cracks open can and pours beer into 12oz tulip glass). I'm really liking the fluffy head on this beer. The fun isn't lasting too long though. I'm watching it dissipate into a tight soapy ring where glass meets the deliciousness (Sniffs the liquid under review). Let's see here... I'm getting green and floral hops at first with some orange and tangerine peeking through there as well. (Another sniff and a smile). This is gonna be nice. (Takes a sip). Lighter body than expected. That citrus pops onto the scene right away and then gives way to this caramel-tinged earthy bitterness. I need to do more research... (Continues to enjoy beer in silence). It's bitter but it's not overpowering at all. It's actually staying exactly where I want it to be. God, I love super balanced beers. I love the fact I have the rest of the 6-pack hanging out in my fridge. 

Unfortunately this beer falls under the radar of some Hop Heads. A lot of people get caught up in the massively bitter and high octane. They forget how nice it is to drink something that is just straight up GOOD. Give me a supremely balanced and well-executed beer any day of the week and I am a happy dude. Here's to those who agree with me! 

- B -