A Pint in a Paragraph: Installment #2: Fort George Brewery - Vortex IPA

After reading Doug’s first edition of Pint in a Paragraph, I was inspired to submit an entry of my own. Since I cannot type very well with a beer in hand, I have asked my lovely girlfriend to be my scribe. This review is intended to be casual, honest and reflective of my immediate reactions to the appearance, aroma, and taste of the beer in front of me. 

Vortex IPA - Ft. George Brewery Astoria, OR. Picked up at the brewery during my visit to Oregon 3 weeks ago.

(Cracks open can) Jesus that smells good. I am tempted to drink straight from the can, but I want to see what this beer looks like. (Pours beer into 12oz tulip glass). I’m seeing a super orange-amber body with a slight haze. There’s a real nice frothy head on this one. If the beer didn’t smell so damn good and I wasn’t so thirsty, I would leave it on my windowsill to sit there and look pretty. (Takes a deep sniff). It smells like juicy citrus, with an incredible vegetal, woodsy, earthy hop character. Some light pine. (Another deep sniff). Maybe like orange and pineapple fruit. (Takes a sip). The first thing I’m getting is nice caramel sweetness. I anticipated hops to hit first but the malt coats my tongue and then rounds out to some pretty powerful fruity, tropical notes. The bitterness hits immediately in the middle and finishes in a fruity, bittersweet whirlpool of flavor. Bitterness lingers but it doesn’t linger too bad. It says on the can that they use three hops - Amarillo, Simcoe, and Centennial. Centennial hops are the most recognizable for me. (Takes another sip and smacks tongue). That’s an awesome beer. I feel like because the beer is over a month old maybe some of the hop aroma is falling off. The flavor is still very much intact though. If I lived in Oregon this would be my go-to IPA.