A Pint in a Paragraph: Installment #1: Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch Weasel

A Pint in a Paragraph is exactly what it sounds like.  We’re not interested in boring the world with another long-winded book about the beer we just drank or sampled last week.  Instead, we'll sit down with a glass of our chosen beer for the review, and finish the review and the beer in 1 concise, opinionated, realistic, and most importantly non-elitist snippet.  It’s a practice in choosing words carefully, enjoying a delicious beverage, and being relatable to all of us who enjoy beer for its virtue not its trade value. So without further ado, and already breaking one of our rules about this only being 1 paragraph, here we go…


The first thing that I notice is the dark viscous nature of the pour.  Starting out smooth only to finish with the delicious, flavor-packed dreggy sludge.  I notice the dark tan head with tight small bubbles, dissipating unexpectedly quick for its apparent density.  With a sniff, an array of dark fruits, berries, coffee, and tobacco hit my nose, enticing me to come back for another whiff.  Upon first sip, I’m surprised by the unusual flavor.  Everything I thought I knew about oatmeal stouts, coffee stouts, and even oatmeal coffee stouts is challenged.  It’s as if the coffee used in this beer was once excreted from a wild Vietnamese jungle cat…. oh wait, it was.  As a side note, Mikkeller used a Vietnamese version of Civet coffee to brew this challenger.  A quick lesson on Civet coffee, AKA Kopi Luwak coffee: basically, wild Indonesian cat-like, weasel-ish animals (known as Luwaks/Civet cats) walk through their habitat eating coffee berries, however, they cannot digest the coffee beans at the center of these berries.  Once the cats “rectally dismiss” the coffee beans, farmers will collect, clean, and sell them.  Kopi Luwak coffee is very expensive and has come under fire due to some inhumane treatment of these Civet cats by farmers.  Mikkeller found and uses a humane Vietnamese Civet coffee producer (http://mikkeller.dk/beer-geek-brunch-weasel).  Back to the beer, its flavor is intense, acrid, roasted beyond all hell, and rich.  A little warmth on it reveals earthy tones, pepper, and chocolate.  All-in-all an excellent stout, full of complexity, made with unique ingredients, and in a humane way.  And with that, the glass is done.  
What could be better?